About Us

This group represents the ahowhow.org - North America Badaga Association, a voluntary non-profit organization. This organization's mission is to focus on developing contacts and sharing information among people of Badagas in the North American region. Besides information of general interest to Badagas, this group contains information about Badagas living in North America. It is becoming essential for the increasing number of Badagas residing outside the Nilgiris and India to know other Badagas in their country and/or city of residence.  Such information will become vital in our future for maintaining close relationship with kith and kin and other community members.

Please register (via whatsapp) yourself as a Member with your US phone number and get to know other US members.  Or email us at admin@ahowhow.org with your US contact details.

Members can view other Members' details and contact them through  'ahowhow.org' whatsapp group

Your contributions in the form of articles, news, opinions, songs, pictures or any other relevant information related or of interest to Badagas and the Nilgiris are most welcome. Please use our feedback/contact form for help with this group or ahowhow.org website. e-Mail us@ admin@ahowhow.org for more information. We are looking for contributors to this site which is always growing. Please help towards development of this non-profit web site and spread the word among other Badagas known to you to take advantage of its services. Please feel free to become an admin.

Thanks for your interest and support. Visit us at Badaga.Org

Thank you.
AHOWHOW.Org/Badaga.Org Administrators, North America.